Libidox Classic Standard Condoms, 72 pieces

Libidox Classic Standard Condoms, 72 pieces

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Product Code: 72-6427233000050

Product Description


Natural latex condoms, lubricated, with tank, electronically tested and sealed for your safety and protection.

72 male condoms made of lubricated natural rubber latex, with tank, electronically tested.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


length min. 190 mm

width 53 ± 2 mm

thickness 0.05 ± 0.015 mm


Read these instructions carefully before using the condom.

If used correctly, the condom helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and prevents the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. If a lubricant is used, make sure it is compatible with the condom. Do not use lubricants based on oil, butter, margarine, lotions, massage oil, etc. because it affects the integrity of the condom. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for the compatibility of the condom with the drugs applied to the penis or vagina.


Carefully remove the condom from the sealed package with your hands, being careful not to damage it with your nails, teeth or other objects. Apply the condom after erection and before sexual intercourse. Remove any air bubbles from the tank with your fingers and roll the condom all over. Immediately after ejaculation, slowly withdraw the penis from the vagina, holding the condom with your fingers at the base, so that the semen does not leak. Then remove the condom to prevent semen from leaking out. Do not throw the condom in the toilet but in a suitable place. Immediately wash your penis and hands with soap and water. Never reuse a condom. The condom should be used with extreme caution. Always have a spare condom to use in case it breaks. If necessary, contact a doctor or a Family Contraception Clinic as soon as possible to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

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