Crushed tomatoes from Apulia, bag-in-box 10 kg

Crushed tomatoes from Apulia, bag-in-box 10 kg

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Product Description

I am the fleshiest part of the tomato, finely and homogeneously chopped.

I am the best choice for lovers of slow cooking and of sauces that are rich and full of flavour.

The four reasons for such a special tomato

1. I was born in the land of Puglia where the sun, drip irrigation and the soil allow me to grow healthy and vigorous. Some of my varieties, such as the date tomato and the cherry tomato are watered with salty water.

2. I am grown with passion by farmers who decided to unite their strength to allow me to become a unique and unmistakable product.

3. I am followed along of all my growth by the farmers in the partnership, and they personally select the best of me, from when I am a small plant to when I become a red and ripe fruit.

4. I am taken under a secure shelter a few hours after harvest, to be transformed with the utmost care so that I can maintain all my freshness right until the moment I reach your table.


* finely chopped tomatoes

* tomato juice

* acidity regulator: citric acid

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